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Replacement Letters

Regular price $5.00

Have you searched high and low and still can't find that missing letter to your favorite puzzle? Or did your furry friend get a hold of a puzzle piece thinking it was a new chew toy? No worries, we've been there too! 

Here is the quickest way to a get a replacement! 

1. Add this product to your cart 

2. In the notes section at checkout, let us know what piece(s) you are needing replacements for and be as specific as possible! (i.e. "I need the letter "h" for my lowercase alphabet puzzle," or "I need the letter "A" for my name puzzle 'Olivia'", etc.) 

3. You're done! Just sit back and wait for your new pieces to arrive! Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for replacement pieces to be shipped. Thanks!

***If you are needing 1 to 5 replacement letters please select that option for $8. If you are needing 6 to 10 replacement pieces please select the option for $13.